Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

As a NH licensed clinical psychologist I have been providing clinical services in the Concord area for over thirty years, I bring an experienced, thoughtful approach to helping people address their difficulties and distress. For most of us life often brings unexpected, troubling and confusing events into our lives that are difficult to cope with and to understand. My goals have been to assist people in coming to terms with these unexpected turns, changing what can be changed and accepting what cannot. I attempt to provide a collaborative partnership in which people are able explore problems and achieve changes which are possible.

In our meetings I attempt to bring a practical, problem solving approach to helping you understand your dilemmas and to provide a safe, comfortable and respectful environment for you to explore possible resolutions. I work primarily with adult women and men, particularly with men struggling with work or relationship issues and with couples who are in distress. Over the past several years, I have begun working with more senior clients who are coming to terms with encroaching limitations and/or illnesses.

Referrals: It is often difficult to take the steps to begin psychotherapy or to seek psychological consultation. Since entering independent practice I have felt that it is my responsibility to provide some assistance to people who are seeking psychological services. I am willing to meet with people who want to consult and briefly discuss what they are seeking in therapy and the kind of therapist who would be most effective and with whom they could work helpfully. Generally, consultative meetings are about one half hour and there is no charge.