Fees and Information

My usual fee is $145.00/meeting. I am contracted with most insurance companies and accept their reimbursement; you are responsible for your co-payment/deductible. Sessions are scheduled as clinically needed. If you do not have or elect to not use your insurance, payment with check or cash is expected at the time of service and will be discounted to $110.00 per session.

Meetings typically last approximately 45-50 minutes. If you are unable to make your appointment, I expect the courtesy of notification in advance of your scheduled meeting; more than two missed sessions will incur a fee of $145.00 which may NOT be submitted to insurance and are your responsibility.

I have a 24-hour, 7 day a week answering service who will contact me or the person covering for me in case of emergency.

Insurance companies sometimes require pre-authorization to access benefits.

Under NH law communications in psychotherapy/counseling are privileged (confidential). Confidential (Protected Health Information, PHI) information may not be disclosed without your express written permission except under specific, limited circumstances. Child/elder abuse or danger to self or others and court ordered release, for example, are exceptions to confidentiality. In addition, insurance companies typically emphasize short-term or crisis stabilization for acute conditions and require limited disclosure of PHI in order to assess “medical necessity” and to authorize access to your insurance benefits and payment for services. I can provide NO guarantees of confidentiality once that information is provided to the insurance/managed care company.

Martial/Couples Therapy
If I am working with you as a couple, I require that you expressly agree to not call me as a witness in any subsequent litigation of any description. Further, I require that you agree that you will not require the production in court of any records, documents, notes or tape recording of meetings.

Psychological Evaluation

The fees for conducting a Specific Psychological Assessment are $150.00 per hour, including interview time, review of any records/documentation, testing scoring/analysis, preparation of report/letter. If required the fees for court availability/testimony are $250.00/hour, including travel time, witness preparation, etc.