I trained as Marital Mediator in 1997, becoming certified in 2001. I initially trained with Carl Schneider, Ph.D., a nationally recognized trainer and master mediator. In addition, I trained with the NH Mediation Program in both divorce mediation and parent-child mediation. I have also mediated labor-management disputes and, as a Guardian ad Litem for the Superior Court (from 1995 through 2008), I have investigated/mediated many custody disputes.

Recognizing that restructuring families is stressfulI, I approach mediation with the notion that disputing people are often locked into positions which unnecessarily block achieving resolutions. Generally, I try to assist people to look at conflicted situations from different vantage points, allowing them to unlock impasses, reduce emotional tensions and to arrive at different and more flexible positions. I attempt to facilitate cooperative solutions which have durability and allow for modification over time. When children are involved, I am always aware that the solutions should aim at the best interests of the children. Importantly, agreements which are reached should reflect what people really mean and should be in clear and understandable language without losing precision.

The fee for non-court referred mediation is $150.00 per hour. There is an additional administrative fee of $150.00 for drafting agreements which are reached. Payment is expected at the time of each meeting. I sometimes co-mediate with an attorney. In addition to being skilled and knowledgeable in family law, the attorney I work with is also a certified mediator. The fee for co-mediated sessions is $250.00 per hour with an additional administrative fee of $250.00 for drafting any agreements reached. Mediation sessions are typically one hour long although longer meetings can be arranged; meetings are scheduled at a frequency that works for the people seeking mediation and as permitted by everyone’s schedules.

I have been involved in custody disputes/parenting plans as a Guardian ad Litem (from 1995 through 2008). As noted, I have been a certified Family Mediator since 2001. Both as a Guardian ad Litem and as a Family Mediator, as well as in my clinical practice, I have tried to assist people in developing reasonable parenting strategies which work for the children involved. Over the years I have been involved in many cases and I have always attempted to better the lives of children when possible. I specialize in constructing and/or modifying Parenting Plans.